When are Antifa not Antifa? #evf #edl #pieandmash

For two years the people from MFE who liase with police over the St Georges Day march in Brighton have been asking why Section 60a (where police can arrest you for failing to remove a face covering) is enforced on Patriots but not on Antifa. Even after promising to stop these left wing rats from covering their faces they still allow them to run around attacking marchers, atacking random people dressed as Casuals and the police and STILL they don’t make them remove their scarves and hoods. Last year these people took an innocent womans eye out, and they get away with offences all day as CCTV is useless when they are all dressed the same and allowed to cover their faces. Police are obviously under orders to concentrate on us and leave them alone.

As a social experiment on Saturday a group of lads got together, dressed as Antifa and had a mooch around the EVF demo in London. Dressed as ninjas we roamed the streets, parks and alleyways around Westminster. We walked past police several times and they stared at us but did not once ask us who we were or why we were covering our faces on a hot day. If we had been wearing Stone Island coats with a scarf round our face we would have been stopped searched and questioned, as has happened many times in the past. We walked past some UAF gimps and they looked at us lovingly, thinking we were their “comrades” haha “smash the fash” and “no parmasan” we were saying.

We heard there had been a scrap outside the pub so we went over to see what has going on and were told that the Anifa had been escorted away from the area by police. At this we decided to scrap our dressing up mission and go for a pint. As soon as a known lad took his hood off and they realised we weren’t Antifa the whole scene changed and police came running from everywhere. A lot of the lads escaped through the crowds and a few were caught.

“Why are you dressed as Antifa when clearly you are not”? Was among the questions. Our lads replied that its a free country and we will dress how we want. After a little while police simply did not know what to do so we were told to leave the area and if we came back we’d be nicked. The police were frantically trying to round up the others and establish our numbers but they were long gone. So the sum total is this, police are happy to let people dressed like this, carrying rucksacks walk around Westminster and turn a blind eye, yet the minute they realised who we were the whole game changed and they wanted us off the streets. Why? The Anti Terrorist police are too busy arresting people for posting shite on twitter.

All a terrorist has to do to attack Central London is to dress as Antifa, as we walked past police loads of times dressed like this and they did not once question us. Frankly its disgusting.

From now on we will be attending demos where Antifa are threatening to attack, such as Brighton and dressing like this. Not for violence you understand, we will stop people throwing stones at the march though, but because it will make the police have no choice but to unmask anyone dressed like this. If they did their job in the first place there would be no need. See you in Brighton, or will you?

Luke  5w



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