Why are the #NWI holding a #Preston demo? #drewgale

Preston Councillor Drew Gale runs a Facebook page called “Only thugs and nazis” which is dedicated to stealing people whose political views he doesn’t likes pictures and posting insulting, childish comments on them, as well as trying to “out” people by publishing their addresses, in the hope he can cause them problems or get them attacked. He posts regularly talking about “outing” people, but hides behind an admin when he is threatening violence. So niave is he, , that he feels that because he classes himself as “anti-racist” this entitles him to harass whoever he pleases and to engage in this massively childish behaviour, totally at odds with how you would expect a responsible cllr to act.

Recently a girl called Zoe Harrison was “outed” by him and her workplace posted up with messages asking people to harass her employer. This girls only crime was to be found by Gale on the friends list of an NWI member.

Drew Gale has also been coming onto right wing pages acting the goat and posting provocative messages. He seems to want to encourage people to threaten him, so he can run around social media like an excitable child talking about how his anti racist stance has led to attacks by the far right. In this he has failed. We don’t threaten people, we fight for justice.

This man is the reason that the NWI will be holding a static demo in Preston on March 29th and we will be back time and again until this man stops his childish behaviour. Here are some screenshots from the group. He claims now hes not admin. Even though one screeny shows he is, as he threatens to “out” someone. Even if hes not admin, is this the sort of page he should be frequenting?





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