Steve Wilco II the Facebook troll #edl #evf

On a recent screenshot the Commies have got from a closed group on facebook, it was possible to see the very top of the profile pic of the person who took the screenshot. Having gone through all the members of that closed group this is the only one whose pic matches. Looking at the friends list on it, ALL the small time players who have featured in recent blogs on EDLNEWS are on this trolls friends list. This is a troll profile run by Commies. We don’t care if you believe us or not, these are the facts. If you don’t know someone, don’t add them. Its not rocket salad. NFSE


Unbelievably we’ve had people sticking up for this gimp yet when we say “have you met him”? They haven’t. You cant get the staff

Below – He/She/it is “butthurt”



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