Net closes in on Anti British Muppet

This is Awate who is of Eritrean descent and claims that he hates Britain and does not considered himself British in any shape or form.  He is a Muslim, but he is now running around with Antifa and engaging in gang attacks on patriots. He also took part in an interview on channel 4 where he confessed his hatred for Britain and British identity.


Awate was seen with several Antifa members kicking a patriot while he was down on the floor and laughing at the injured man, this was in April at the March For England parade in Brighton, he was also captured on undercover camera stating that the police should be killed, the footage has been sent to the police but they have taken no action probably due to the fear of being branded “racist” by the likes of Awate. 

The Anti British activist also claims to be a “writer” and “performer” which probably consists of spraying “Antifa” on a wall, he also “performs” rap songs on youtube.  Awate also runs a musical youth course at St, Pancreas community centre, where he will be no doubt recruiting and brainwashing young people into supporting his warped politics.  Watch out for Awate on counter demonstrations in the South, he is usually with the UAF/Antifa.  Or you could contact St, Pancreas community centre and ask them why they have a political extremist using their community centre as a possible recruitment base.  The next this Anti British piece of vermin appears publicly he can expect a counter protest outside the venue.


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