Ranveer Grewal A Bristol Commie Arrested At Brighton

ranveer grewal

This is Ranveer Grewal who was arrested at Brighton on April the 27th, Grewal was part of a mob who attacked a small group of patriots, where one person was kicked in the head while on the floor by several Antifa. Grewal was later crying in the police cells over being arrested and claimed to be concerned over the injured patriot, which was no doubt part of a defensive ploy of Grewal`s. It appears that Grewal has not been charged, but the victim who was kicked repeatedly on the floor has been charged with threatening behaviour and is due to stand trial in August. This is typical behaviour of Britain`s politically correct police force in which patriots are arrested after being the victims of Commie mob attacks.  Grewal studied at Oxford Brookes university and is currently employed by R.S.A insurance.  This is again shows that most people who are part of the Antifa/Black bloc circle are nothing but hypocrites from university educated backgrounds and work in well paid jobs.


Yorkshire E.D.L members being stitched up by the police

Members of the Yorkshire E.D.L are now being arrested over a fight in the Howard public house in Sheffield which involved a number of Antifa. 4 E.D.L supporters including a female went into the pub for a drink after the E.D.L demonstration in Rotherham. The five people had not been in the pub for long when all of a sudden they were surrounded by fifteen Antifa, who had possibly followed the five E.D.L supporters. The Antifa group then attacked the five, one E.D.L supporter had a bottle rammed into his eye causing immediate severe swelling to his eye and some bleeding. At the same time around a dozen E.D.L supporters arrived at the pub to join their fellow supporters, upon entering the pub they had glasses and chairs thrown at them by Antifa. Some supporters charged in to the pub to assist one of their friends who was being assaulted by two Antifa, by now Antifa had realised that the situation was becoming too much for them, as they had not counted on the other E.D.L supporters turning up. Antifa then fled the scene like a group of cowards.


Recently E.D.L supporters have been arrested over the fight, one E.D.L supporter who filmed the fight for legal reasons was arrested at Leeds/Bradford airport and detained for twelve hours and then driven to Rotherham police station and questioned, even though he had not committed any offence of any type, the police also visited the man`s address and barged into the family home and threatened to smash the door in of the property unless they were given access to the house. The man`s mum was terrified and frightened, both the man`s parent`s are old age pensioners in their seventies. The police have clear footage of the altercation outside the pub, but have no clear footage of the fight inside the pub, which means that it is highly likely that Antifa will once again get off with committing violence without facing a court of law.