Ranveer Grewal A Bristol Commie Arrested At Brighton

ranveer grewal

This is Ranveer Grewal who was arrested at Brighton on April the 27th, Grewal was part of a mob who attacked a small group of patriots, where one person was kicked in the head while on the floor by several Antifa. Grewal was later crying in the police cells over being arrested and claimed to be concerned over the injured patriot, which was no doubt part of a defensive ploy of Grewal`s. It appears that Grewal has not been charged, but the victim who was kicked repeatedly on the floor has been charged with threatening behaviour and is due to stand trial in August. This is typical behaviour of Britain`s politically correct police force in which patriots are arrested after being the victims of Commie mob attacks.  Grewal studied at Oxford Brookes university and is currently employed by R.S.A insurance.  This is again shows that most people who are part of the Antifa/Black bloc circle are nothing but hypocrites from university educated backgrounds and work in well paid jobs.


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