Sussex police score major own goal in Brighton stitch up

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Yesterday a 40 year old March for England supporter attended Brighton magistrates to face charges of threatening behaviour.  The police alleged that the man was throwing a chair during a confrontation between M.F.E supporters and Antifa.  The man was assaulted by several members of Antifa who were wearing facial coverings despite a police ban on them.  The man was kicked repeatedly and received a fractured nose and a cut to the head, the man was bleeding heavily but despite this three police officers hit the man with batons and threw him face down on the pavement, the police did not touch any members of Antifa who were allowed to escape.  The man suffered a seizure in the police station and had to be taken to hospital.  The man was then released by the police and left to find his own way home which was three hundred miles away despite being dazed and disorientated.

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During the court trial both police officers who testified against the defendant gave very different versions of what happened, fortunately the incident was captured on video by two amateur film makers.  The defence showed the video to the officers and the magistrates, this proved that the two officers were lying about the events that took place, and were simply attempting to cover their own backs legally after using extremely heavy handed tactics on an injured person and arresting him.  The magistrates then decided that there was no case to answer to and the case was dismissed.  The two officers involved were  P.C Adam Creasy CC935 and P.C Guy Williamson CWo26  both from Crawley police. The behaviour of both these officers amounted to nothing short of perjury and both swore oath on the bible and lied to the court.  Despite a massive police operation that was supposed to prevent disorder, numerous incidents were reported on the day including an attack on two female police officers by Antifa.