Sussex police score major own goal in Brighton stitch up

brighton stitch up_pe

Yesterday a 40 year old March for England supporter attended Brighton magistrates to face charges of threatening behaviour.  The police alleged that the man was throwing a chair during a confrontation between M.F.E supporters and Antifa.  The man was assaulted by several members of Antifa who were wearing facial coverings despite a police ban on them.  The man was kicked repeatedly and received a fractured nose and a cut to the head, the man was bleeding heavily but despite this three police officers hit the man with batons and threw him face down on the pavement, the police did not touch any members of Antifa who were allowed to escape.  The man suffered a seizure in the police station and had to be taken to hospital.  The man was then released by the police and left to find his own way home which was three hundred miles away despite being dazed and disorientated.

brighton stitch 2_pe

During the court trial both police officers who testified against the defendant gave very different versions of what happened, fortunately the incident was captured on video by two amateur film makers.  The defence showed the video to the officers and the magistrates, this proved that the two officers were lying about the events that took place, and were simply attempting to cover their own backs legally after using extremely heavy handed tactics on an injured person and arresting him.  The magistrates then decided that there was no case to answer to and the case was dismissed.  The two officers involved were  P.C Adam Creasy CC935 and P.C Guy Williamson CWo26  both from Crawley police. The behaviour of both these officers amounted to nothing short of perjury and both swore oath on the bible and lied to the court.  Despite a massive police operation that was supposed to prevent disorder, numerous incidents were reported on the day including an attack on two female police officers by Antifa.


Ranveer Grewal A Bristol Commie Arrested At Brighton

ranveer grewal

This is Ranveer Grewal who was arrested at Brighton on April the 27th, Grewal was part of a mob who attacked a small group of patriots, where one person was kicked in the head while on the floor by several Antifa. Grewal was later crying in the police cells over being arrested and claimed to be concerned over the injured patriot, which was no doubt part of a defensive ploy of Grewal`s. It appears that Grewal has not been charged, but the victim who was kicked repeatedly on the floor has been charged with threatening behaviour and is due to stand trial in August. This is typical behaviour of Britain`s politically correct police force in which patriots are arrested after being the victims of Commie mob attacks.  Grewal studied at Oxford Brookes university and is currently employed by R.S.A insurance.  This is again shows that most people who are part of the Antifa/Black bloc circle are nothing but hypocrites from university educated backgrounds and work in well paid jobs.

Yorkshire E.D.L members being stitched up by the police

Members of the Yorkshire E.D.L are now being arrested over a fight in the Howard public house in Sheffield which involved a number of Antifa. 4 E.D.L supporters including a female went into the pub for a drink after the E.D.L demonstration in Rotherham. The five people had not been in the pub for long when all of a sudden they were surrounded by fifteen Antifa, who had possibly followed the five E.D.L supporters. The Antifa group then attacked the five, one E.D.L supporter had a bottle rammed into his eye causing immediate severe swelling to his eye and some bleeding. At the same time around a dozen E.D.L supporters arrived at the pub to join their fellow supporters, upon entering the pub they had glasses and chairs thrown at them by Antifa. Some supporters charged in to the pub to assist one of their friends who was being assaulted by two Antifa, by now Antifa had realised that the situation was becoming too much for them, as they had not counted on the other E.D.L supporters turning up. Antifa then fled the scene like a group of cowards.


Recently E.D.L supporters have been arrested over the fight, one E.D.L supporter who filmed the fight for legal reasons was arrested at Leeds/Bradford airport and detained for twelve hours and then driven to Rotherham police station and questioned, even though he had not committed any offence of any type, the police also visited the man`s address and barged into the family home and threatened to smash the door in of the property unless they were given access to the house. The man`s mum was terrified and frightened, both the man`s parent`s are old age pensioners in their seventies. The police have clear footage of the altercation outside the pub, but have no clear footage of the fight inside the pub, which means that it is highly likely that Antifa will once again get off with committing violence without facing a court of law.

Net closes in on Anti British Muppet

This is Awate who is of Eritrean descent and claims that he hates Britain and does not considered himself British in any shape or form.  He is a Muslim, but he is now running around with Antifa and engaging in gang attacks on patriots. He also took part in an interview on channel 4 where he confessed his hatred for Britain and British identity.


Awate was seen with several Antifa members kicking a patriot while he was down on the floor and laughing at the injured man, this was in April at the March For England parade in Brighton, he was also captured on undercover camera stating that the police should be killed, the footage has been sent to the police but they have taken no action probably due to the fear of being branded “racist” by the likes of Awate. 

The Anti British activist also claims to be a “writer” and “performer” which probably consists of spraying “Antifa” on a wall, he also “performs” rap songs on youtube.  Awate also runs a musical youth course at St, Pancreas community centre, where he will be no doubt recruiting and brainwashing young people into supporting his warped politics.  Watch out for Awate on counter demonstrations in the South, he is usually with the UAF/Antifa.  Or you could contact St, Pancreas community centre and ask them why they have a political extremist using their community centre as a possible recruitment base.  The next this Anti British piece of vermin appears publicly he can expect a counter protest outside the venue.

Clapton FC issue statement regarding Antifa using their name #edl

In the past 48 hours we have received several emails from individuals stating their concerns about some of the supporters at Clapton.

These emails include the following statements:

“…the NWI are talking about targetting your club because of these extreme left wingers”

“I recommended you sort out your antifa fans the have been insulting lee rigby, and there is a lot of pissed off people..and as a result of this,groups have been asked to do a demonstration at your club.”

“I see your fans are involving themselves in far left Antifa activities. this is going to lead to EDL style demos at your ground.”

Clapton is a football club and our primary objective is the furtherance of football and using the sport as a vehicle to help to support the lives of young people in Newham and elsewhere. We have a strong ethos in the club of not tolerating discrimination or racism of any kind. We have supporters who have been at the club for a number of years and we have supporters joining us all the time. We do not know what has happened that has created the correspondence we are now receiving, but rest assured, if we find anyone who is conducting themselves in an inappropriate manner, they will not be welcome at the club.

As a club we would like to apologise to anyone that may have been offended by any alleged activities or comments or actions that involve the Clapton FC name. We also want to make it clear that we are not associated or endorse this behaviour.


Vincent McBean
Chief Executive

It is against FA rules to allow political flags to be displayed at a club. Regardless of how “anti racist” a club is, Antifa is an extreme left wing, violent group. No club wants to be associated. They have been attacking patriot groups online using the name Clapton FC on this twitter feed Well done Vince.