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The BBC is this corrupt Governments propoganda wing. Refuse to pay for the privilege of being lied to.




Anti-EDL Group’s Attack on The EDL Backfires

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I was recently informed of an anti-EDL group on Facebook called Still Laughing at the English Defence League, although everybody is entitled to their own opinions, the members of this group clearly have a lot of free time on their hands, as they create and use troll accounts to fish for pictures and details on EDL members and other counter Jihadists, post them on their website in the hope that they will be attacked by their rabid Antifa gangs, The group frequently use bullying and harassment campaigns against anybody who disagrees with them.

SlatEDL is headed by a man named Gary Fiennes-Hastings, who is rumoured to have different names such as Gary Moon, Alan Moon, He earlier this week sent me an email attacking my views and poorly attempting to debunk them, which backfired, you can read about it, here.

Many members of…

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